Estimating Services

Firestone’s Estimating Services Department can help not only with your tapered insulation quotations but accessory designs, layouts, estimates and bids. Whether you need design assistance with a walkway pad layout or want your return on investment for a SunWave™ Daylighting System, NOBODY COVERS YOU BETTER™.

Tapered ISO Design, Estimates and Quotes

Firestone Building Products offers design assistance, estimates and quotes for all tapered roofing insulation.

SkyScape Design Assistance

Firestone Building Products offers design assistance on the SkyScape™ Vegetative Roofing Systems, including plant selection, quotes, and system layout.

Walkway Pad, Paver and Yellow Safety Strip Layout Assistance

13WI5229 Parking Garage SkyPavers A (1) If your project involves walkway pads or SkyPaver™ Composite Roof Pavers, have Firestone Building Products assist witWalkway Pads Title Border 8-30-13 A (1)_1h the layout and quantity take-offs.

SunWave Daylighting Return on Investment & Quotes

You may contact the Estimating Services Department to request a job quote and/or a SkyCalc assessment. SkyCalc is a tool to help building designers determine the optimum daylighting strategy and the return on investment that will achieve maximum daylighting and HVAC energy savings for a building.

Contact your local sales representative to take advantage of Firestone’s Estimating Services Department for any of the services above.

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