Metal UC-3

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File Name Size Download
3-E-01 UC-3 Sliding Eave at Drip Edge 24 kB
3-E-02 UC-3 Sliding Eave at Gutter 27 kB
3-E-03 UC-3 Cleated Sliding Eave at Drip Edge 26 kB
3-E-04 UC-3 Cleated Sliding Eave at Gutter29 kB


File Name Size Download
3-EL-01 UC-3 END LAP 30 kB

Expansion Joint

File Name Size Download
3-EJ-01 UC-3 Expansion Joint34 kB


File Name Size Download
3-HW-01 UC-3 Fixed HeadWall With Z-Closure at Reglet 49 kB
3-HW-02 UC-3 Fixed HeadWall With Z-Closure at Wall Panel 29 kB
3-HW-03 UC-3 Fixed HeadWall With Modified J-Channel at Reglet 52 kB
3-HW-04 UC-3 Fixed HeadWall With Modified J-Channel at Wall Panel 33 kB

High Eave

File Name Size Download
3-HE-01 UC-3 Fixed High Eave With Z-Closure 34 kB
3-HE-02 UC-3 Fixed High Eave With Modified J-Channel 37 kB


File Name Size Download
3-P-01 UC-3 Penetration With Pipe Flashing 45 kB
3-P-02A UC-3 Curb – High and Low Side Detail 39 kB
3-P-02B UC-3 Curb – Rake Detail 23 kB

Pitch Break

File Name Size Download
3-PB-01 UC-3 Pitchbreak Transition at Roof Edge 40 kB
3-PB-02 UC-3 Pitchbreak Transition – Steep to Low Slope 38 kB
3-PB-03 UC-3 Pitchbreak Transition- Low to Steep Slope37 kB


File Name Size Download
3-RK-01 UC-3 Rake With Hemmed Panel Edge 25 kB
3-RK-02 UC-3 Rake With Modified J-Channel 26 kB
3-RK-03 UC-3 Rake With J-Cleat 22 kB
3-RK-04 UC-3 Radiused Rake With Hemmed Panel Edge29 kB


File Name Size Download
3-R-01 UC-3 Fixed Hip or Ridge With Z-Closure 34 kB
3-R-02 UC-3 Fixed Hip or Ridge With Modified J-Channel 36 kB
3-R-03 UC-3 Ridge / Hip Cap Splice 57 kB
3-R-04 UC-3 Copper Fixed Hip or Ridge with Stainless Steel Cleat 35 kB
3-R-05 UC-3 Vented Fixed hip or Ridge with Z-Closure 38 kB

Side Wall

File Name Size Download
3-SW-01 UC-3 Side Wall Flashing With Modified J-Channel at Reglet 45 kB
3-SW-02 UC-3 Side Wall Flashing With Mod J-Channel at Panel 27 kB


File Name Size Download
3-SG-01 UC-3 Continuous SnowGard 19 kB


File Name Size Download
3-TR-01 UC-3 EPDM to Metal Roof System Transition 30 kB


File Name Size Download
3-V-01 UC-3 Valley With Continuous Cleat37 kB
3-V-03 UC-3 Valley at Rake Wall 56 kB