Commercial Lining

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fPP-R Geomembrane

File Name Size Download
fPP-R ML-A-1 Unexposed Pond Edge with Soil Cover222 kB
fPP-R ML-A-2 Unexposed Pond Edge with Shotcrete333 kB
fPP-R ML-A-3 Standard Anchor Trench318 kB
fPP-R ML-A-4 Standard “V” Shaped Anchor Trench317 kB
fPP-R ML-A-5 Run-out Anchoring303 kB
fPP-R ML-A-6 Toe of Slope Anchoring328 kB
fPP-R ML-A-7 Head Water Anchoring Trench361 kB
fPP-R ML-C-1 Inside Corner245 kB
fPP-R ML-C-2 Outside Corner223 kB
fPP-R ML-D-1 Drain421 kB
fPP-R ML-D-2 Drain Insert427 kB
fPP-R ML-LS-1 Cut Edge Treatment Application26 kB
fPP-R ML-LS-2 Lap Splice with Headlap Under Field Seam Using T-Joint Cover26 kB
fPP-R ML-P-1 Pre – Fabricated Pipe/Tube Flashing367 kB
fPP-R ML-P-2 Field Fabricated Pipe/Tube Flashing397 kB
fPP-R ML-P-3 Field Fabricated Horizontal Pipe Penetration466 kB
fPP-R ML-R-1 Rip-rap Detail465 kB
fPP-R ML-R-2 Drop Box Detail444 kB
fPP-R ML-R-3 Ramp Detail426 kB
fPP-R ML-S-1 Wedge Welded Seam118 kB
fPP-R ML-S-2 Extrusion Welded Seam204 kB
fPP-R ML-S-3 6″ Cover Strip Seam219 kB
fPP-R ML-T-1 Wall Termination Above Maximum Water Line41 kB
fPP-R ML-T-2 Outside Pond Wall Termination568 kB
fPP-R ML-T-3 Term. Step Down & Outside Corner Above Max. Water Line546 kB
fPP-R ML-T-4 Saw Cut Reglet Couterflashing Termination410 kB
fPP-R ML-T-5 Surface Mounted Sheet Metal Termination616 kB
fPP-R ML-T-6 Cap Stone On Wall Termination338 kB
fPP-R ML-T-7 Intermediate Attachment At Wall277 kB
fPP-R ML-T-8 Horizontal Mechanical Attachment Below the Water Line352 kB
fPP-R ML-T-9 Vertical Mechanical Attachment Below the Water Line338 kB
fPP-R ML-T-10 Miscellaneous Terminations202 kB

EPDM Geomembrane

File Name Size Download
GeoGard EPDM A-1 Unexposed Pond Edge with Soil Cover62 kB
GeoGard EPDM A-2 Unexposed Pond Edge with Shotcrete149 kB
GeoGard EPDM A-3 Standard “U” Shaped Anchor Trench86 kB
GeoGard EPDM A-4 Standard “V” Shaped Anchor Trench87 kB
GeoGard EPDM A-5 Run-out Anchoring80 kB
GeoGard EPDM A-6 Intermediate Anchoring72 kB
GeoGard EPDM A-7 Toe of Slope Anchoring86 kB
GeoGard EPDM A-8 Head Water Anchoring Trench93 kB
GeoGard EPDM C-1 Outside Corner Using Quickseam Corner Flashing184 kB
GeoGard EPDM C-2 Inside Corner Using Quickseam Corner Flashing204 kB
GeoGard EPDM D-1 Drain102 kB
GeoGard EPDM D-2 Drain Insert95 kB
GeoGard EPDM P-1 QuickSeam Pre-Molded Pipe Flashing127 kB
GeoGard EPDM P-2 Field Fabricated Pipe/Tube Flashing124 kB
GeoGard EPDM P-3 Large Pipe Penetration288 kB
GeoGard EPDM R-1 Rip-rap Detail162 kB
GeoGard EPDM R-2 Drop Box Detail109 kB
GeoGard EPDM R-3 Ramp Detail92 kB
GeoGard EPDM S-1 6″ Cover Strip Seam93 kB
GeoGard EPDM S-2 3″ Inseam Splice Tape Seam91 kB
GeoGard EPDM S-3 Seam Edge Treatment (FormFlash Only)208 kB
GeoGard EPDM T-1 Wall Flashing Termination Above Maximum Water Line150 kB
GeoGard EPDM T-2 Outside Pond Wall Flashing Termination143 kB
GeoGard EPDM T-3 Term. Step Down & Outside Corner Above Max Water Line141 kB
GeoGard EPDM T-4 Saw Cut Reglet Counterflashing Termination111 kB
GeoGard EPDM T-5 Surface Mounted Counterflashing Termination151 kB
GeoGard EPDM T-6 Cap Stone On Wall Flashing Termination86 kB
GeoGard EPDM T-7 Intermediate Attachment At Wall Flashing129 kB
GeoGard EPDM T-8 Horizontal Mechanical Attachment Below the Water Line96 kB
GeoGard EPDM T-9 Vertical Mechancial Attachment Below the Water Line93 kB
GeoGard EPDM T-10 Metal Coping Termination105 kB