Tapered ISO 95+

When a substrate slope will not permit efficient drainage, Firestone tapered ISO 95+ polyiso insulation provides an effective and economical solution. Properly installed tapered ISO 95+ polyiso insulation can extend the life of the roof assembly by eliminating problems associated with ponded water. Firestone tapered ISO 95+ polyiso insulation is available in slopes from 1/16″ to 1/2″ per foot. Firestone provides a variety of technical support services for the installation of tapered insulation through the Estimating Services Department.

scan0003 editTapered Insulation Layout Services

The Firestone Tapered Network uses the latest technology to offer architects, consultants, general contractors, distributors and roofing contractors a complete, accurate and timely tapered insulation layout for any project.

Based in strategic locations throughout the U.S., our fully trained and experienced estimators have access to the most advanced software and hardware, including Taper Plus and AutoCAD. The team efficiently creates CAD-generated installation shop drawings ranging from basic tapered layouts to complex projects requiring quick turnaround time. Firestone Canada is committed to providing accurate and timely tapered take-offs that encompass all critical elements affecting proper drainage.

Additionally, Firestone Canada offers architects and consultants a tapered layout assistance service. Through this service, Firestone Canada creates a professional and effective tapered system design for any project prior to bid. Based on a copy of the roof plan (AutoCAD format is preferred) and all relevant factors, our layout team will create an AutoCAD drawing detailing the optimum tapered layout, which may then be transferred directly to the bid documents. By considering all mandatory design factors, Firestone Canada offers peace of mind that your tapered design will promote positive drainage. For Design Assistance or a Request for Quotation, please contact estimatingservicesdept@firestonebp.com.

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