Benefits of SkyScape Vegetative Roof Systems

SkyScape Vegetative Roof Systems can offer a variety of benefits to your commercial building space. Want to learn more? Find your local sales rep today.

Top 10 Benefits of SkyScape Vegetative Roof Systems

FSBP054_Firestone_icons_storm-water-management Stormwater ManagementVegetative roofs can be outstanding stormwater management tools in urban environments.
FSBP054_Firestone_icons_amenity-space Amenity SpaceVegetative roofs create readily accessible green environments for residents and workers, and offer playground space at urban schools and childcare facilities.
FSBP054_Firestone_icons_urban-heat-island-effect-mitigation Urban Heat Island Effect MitigationProviding shade and removing heat from the air through evaportranspiration, vegetative roofs are able to significantly lower the air temperature above the roof surface.
FSBP054_Firestone_icons_habitat-space Habitat SpaceVegetative roofs help provide a habitat for birds, butterflies and insects, and promote biodiversity.
FSBP054_Firestone_icons_urban-agriculture Urban AgricultureGrowing roof-based produce provides an opportunity for community-building and empowerment through shared rooftop gardens, and supplies locally sourced food for restaurants and the hospitality industry.
FSBP054_Firestone_icons_herapeutic-value Therapeutic ValueHorticultural therapy has shown to improve health among aging populations and individuals with health issues. It also assists in shortening recovery rates for hospital patients. Overall well-being can be markedly increased with greenery and natural vista.
FSBP054_Firestone_icons_morale-performance Morale and PerformanceStudies show that visible and/or accessible green roofs on commercial rooftops improve morale and productivity.
FSBP054_Firestone_icons_interior-noise-reduction Interior Noise ReductionGrowing Medium blocks lower frequencies; Plants block higher frequencies; and the mass created by a vegetative roof serves as a sound dampener for the interior space.
FSBP054_Firestone_icons_municipal-economic-incentives Municipal Economic IncentivesA rapidly growing number of municipalities are offering financial incentives for building owners who install vegetative roofs.
FSBP054_Firestone_icons_increased-property-value Increased Property Value – According to a 2010 study, having a view of a green roof raises property values by as much as 9%, and having access to the green roof raises property values by 11%. As urbanization increases, so does the desire for green space.
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