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With more than 35 years in EPDM roofing, Firestone Building Products has a proven track record in manufacturing products with superior durability, flexibility and UV resistance. We our proud to provide our customers with a line of RubberGard EPDM adhesives that are backed by a history of excellence and the exclusive Red Shield Warranty. See what solutions we’ve delivered to exceed our valued partner’s expectations – and can easily bring to you.



RubberGard & EcoWhite™ QuickSeam Flashing

Semi-cured EPDM flashing laminated to cure QuickSeam Tape

Available in 5″ x 100′ (QuickSeam) and 6″ x 100′ (EcoWhite QuickSeam) rolls

RubberGard R.M.A. Strip Flashing

10” wide RubberGard MAX membrane with two 3” wide strips of QuickSeam Tape factory laminated to it along its length. Used for roof membrane attachment beneath the RubberGard membrane as additional membrane securement.

RubberGard & EcoWhite QuickSeam Splice Tape

Designed for field splicing of membrane panels and flashing.

Membrane Flashing

RubberGard & EcoWhite QuickSeam Flashing

Semi-cured EPDM flashing laminated to cure QuickSeam Tape

Available in 5″ x 100′ (QuickSeam) and 6″ x 100′ (EcoWhite QuickSeam) rolls

QuickSeam Batten Cover

Semi-cured EPDM and QuickSeam Tape laminated designed to cover and seal batten trips

QuickSeam Reinforced Perimeter Fastening (RFP) Strip

6” wide reinforced EPDM membrane for use in non-penetration base tie-ins

RubberGard & EcoWhite QuickSeam Pipe Flashing

Designed to be used in roofing applications for flashing of round penetrations

Use to flash round pipes (between 1″ to 6-7/8″ pipes) and conduit (between 1/2″ to 2-1/2″)

RubberGard & EcoWhite QuickSeam Curb Flashing

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18″ wide, 60-mil, non-reinforced, membrane with 3″ wide tape factory laminated along one edge

3″ tape portion is used to splice the QuickSeam curb flashing to the roof membrane

RubberGard & EcoWhite EPDM QuickSeam SA Flashing

Consists of 18” (457.2 mm) wide membrane fully and completely factory laminated to EcoWhite seam tape

Can be used to flash curbs and walls in conjunction with roofing systems

RubberGard & EcoWhite QuickSeam Joint Cover

Uncured flashing laminated QuickSeam tape with a second 3” diameter layer of uncured, flowing tape is applied at the center

Conforms to irregular surfaces such as encounter at “T” joints readily providing an excellent seal

RubberGard & EcoWhite QuickSeam Corner Flashing

Consists of Firestone flashing factory laminated to QuickSeam Tape. It is 8.5” (216 mm) in diameter and is designed to flash inside and outside corners in conjunction with EPDM Roof Systems.

RubberGard EPDM FormFlash Flashing

Uncured flashing membrane that cures in place after installation

Used to flash inside and outside corners, pipes, penetration pockets and other applications as required by Firestone specifications and details

To be used with Firestone Splice Adhesives SA 1065

RubberGard & EcoWhite QuickSeam SA Patch for Conduit Flashing

Designed as a tape adhesive to field splice QS Patch for Conduit Flashing to primed flanges of QuickSeam Conduit flashing and RubberGard membrane


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