Lorne Park Secondary School, 1988

Ontario’s Peel School Board Relies on RubberGard EPDM for Decades of Performance


The Objective

The Peel Board of Education in Ontario has a long history of selecting asphalt based roofing systems for new and re-roofing projects. Since many schools in the region of Peel were built in the 50’s and 60’s, there was no other option for flat commercial roofs other than asphalt – tar and gravel. However, as modern rubber-based roofing systems emerged in the 1980’s, facility managers were thrilled to take advantage of this new roofing system that had the potential to perform for decades without any issues.

After entering the market, EPDM quickly gained market share due to its superior physical characteristics and installation advantages. Specifically, EPDM provided a UV resistant, light-weight solution that would withstand any climate and provide decades of performance. Above all, it gave contractors an alternative to asphalt. EPDM roofing systems did not require tar, flames, or multiple layers of membrane; it used adhesives that were safe and easy to work with.

Many different EPDM roofing systems were installed in Ontario in the early 1980’s showcasing the ease of installation of the system. The RubberGard EPDM roof on the Lorne Park Secondary School is a testament to the strength of EPDM and the expert installation by a licensed Firestone contractor. Murray Lord from E-D Roofing and his team of Firestone licensed contractors installed the roof on the school in 1988 and now, over 28 years later, the fully adhered RubberGard EPDM system continues to perform flawlessly, which cannot be said for the surrounding asphalt based roofs.

School1The Challenge

In the 1980’s Firestone Building Products began offering training sessions to ensure all licensed contractors were certified to effectively install EPDM roofing systems. To this day, the courses continue to provide a combination of theoretical and practical training, preparing each contractor to tackle any issues they may face during installation.

When it came time to install the RubberGard EPDM roofing system on the Lorne Park S.S. contractors at E-D Roofing were experts with the product. Murray Lord, Principal at E-D Roofing, Ltd. – who installed the EPDM roof on Lorne Park S.S. – spoke highly of his early experience with the product.

“It was easy to work with EPDM. The sheet size allowed us to cover large areas very fast and most importantly it got us away from asphalt, which is restrictive in nature due to the physical properties during application. (eg. High temperature liquids that range from 200-250 ºC (400-500 ºF), personal protective clothing, odours affecting building occupants and surrounding buildings, and additional equipment required for application to name a few).”

Dominic Rotolo – Building Lead Hand at Lorne Park S.S. described his experience with the EPDM roof as nothing short of simple.

“For the last eleven years that I’ve been managing the school, the Firestone EPDM roof has been performing great, we haven’t had a single leak! All we do is come up on the roof every month to clear the drains of leaves and rubble, that’s it. It’s simple. The same cannot be said for the surrounding asphalt roofs that have started leaking due to large amounts of ponded water and poor installation of roof penetrations.”

School2The Result

The full adhered RubberGard EPDM roof on the Lorne Park Secondary School has been performing seamlessly for 28 years, and shows no signs of deterioration. The strength and durability of the membrane has allowed the system to withstand all weather conditions with ease.

However, each roofing system is only as good as its installer. Firestone Building Products Canada licensed contractors are certified through an intricate licensing process. All contractors attend Firestone Contractor Quality Seminar’s that combine classroom activities with hands-on training allowing them to learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of the roofing system and providing them with all the knowledge necessary to install long last roofing systems.

For your next roofing project, count on Firestone’s RubberGard EPDM for a dependable long term solution.

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