Firestone Joliette Tire Plant, 1965

Firestone Tire Plant in Quebec Counts on EPDM for 50 Years of Performance


The Objective

Firestone Tire Plant in Joliette, Quebec began operations on October 11, 1966 with 360 employees who in their first year produced approximately 3,500 tires per day. Over the next three decades the demand for the tires increased, new teammates were hired and production was amplified. Between 1966 and 2002, the number of employees grew from 360 to 1060 and production increased from 3,500 tires a day to 15,000 tires per day.

To effectively manage this growth, Firestone invested $275 million to expand the facility and infrastructure. As a manufacturing company, there is nothing more important than protecting assets. With over 1000 employees who operate the facility, providing a safe comfortable working environment was the highest priority. Protecting the machinery and equipment within the facility was their next objective. To secure and safeguard their assets Firestone invested heavily in reliable roofing systems.

Since 1965 EPDM has been the product of choice for the Firestone Joliette facility. EPDM provides the strength and durability required for the facility’s rigorous quality control systems, it protects the assets within the facility, and has provided long term peace of mind for close to 50 years.


EPDM – The Membrane of Choice

When the facility was constructed in 1965, majority of the roof was covered with fully adhered EPDM along with small portions of asphalt – tar and gravel – roofing systems. As the facility grew, EPDM systems were continuously selected and incorporated into the design of the building:

Don Brisson, Senior Field Technical Representative at Firestone Building Products Canada credits EPDM’s outstanding physical characteristics for its continuous use on the Joliette facility.

“RubberGardTM EPDM provides the strength and durability required for a long lasting roof. EPDM is very easy to maintain and is UV resistant so it lasts many years in any climate. EPDM has been so effective for the Joliette facility, that Firestone has even replaced the old problematic asphalt portions of the roof with EPDM over the years.”


The Result

The different EPDM roofing systems installed on the Firestone Joliette plant in Quebec have provided a dependable roofing solution for the last 50 years. The strength and durability of the membrane is the number one reason EPDM was selected as the roofing system of choice.

However, each roofing system is only as good as its installer. Firestone Building Products Canada licensed contractors are certified through an intricate licensing process. All contractors attend Firestone Contractor Quality Seminar’s that combine classroom activities with hands-on training allowing them to learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of the roofing system and providing them with all the knowledge necessary to install long last roofing systems.

For your next roofing project, count on Firestone’s RubberGardTM EPDM for a dependable long term solution.

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