UltraFlash™ Two-Part Liquid Flashing

UltraFlash Two-Part Liquid Flashing Image

Tough Jobs Made Seamless

Firestone Building Products UltraFlash Two-Part Liquid Flashing is a tough, two-component liquid-applied urethane elastomer that provides a liquid flashing solution for asphaltic roofing systems. It can be used for difficult or irregular shaped roof flashings and details, where it is difficult to apply waterproofing membranes. It can also be used for any vertical flashing details. UltraFlash Two-Part Liquid Flashing is ready to use after thoroughly mixing Part A and Part B and can be used on SBS and BUR systems. When properly installed with UltraFlash Fabric, UltraFlash forms an impermeable, monolithic and seamless membrane.

Features and Benefits


After curing, forms a tough, monolithic membrane.

Parts A & B mix easily with a low-speed drill and paddle blade.

Safer application.


Keeps water out.

Ready for use in three minutes.

No open flames from torches or hot asphalt normally associated with asphalt roof systems.


Flashing of difficult details on SBS & BUR systems.

UltraFlash Two-Part Liquid Flashing Image

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UltraFlash™ Liquid Flashings Installation Video

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