fPP-R Geomembrane

fPP-R Geomembrane

Firestone fPP-R Geomembrane is a polypropylene/rubber-based membrane. Our standard product is reinforced with a scrim inserted between the top and bottom plies but it is also available in a non-reinforced panel. Flexible and heat-weldable, Firestone fPP-R Geomembrane is perfect for a variety of exposed and subsurface applications, including:

  • Agricultural Pits and PondsfPP-R
  • Aquaculture Applications
  • Canals
  • Evaporation Ponds
  • Exposed Covers and Caps
  • Floating Covers
  • Golf Course Water Features
  • Mining Applications
  • Water Conservation Applications
  • Water Reservoirs


Designed with exceptional tensile strength and excellent chemical and environmental stress-cracking resistance, Firestone fPP-R Geomembrane protects against punctures and remains unaffected by UV, ozone and soil bacteria. In addition, heat-welded seams mean Firestone fPP-R Geomembrane can be installed in relatively low ambient temperatures and ensures long lasting seams.

Field Installation

Firestone approved applicators can have pre-fabricated, large, custom sized panels delivered to your project location, reducing installation cost.

Potable and Environmentally Friendly

Firestone fPP-R is plasticizer and chlorine free. A certificate of NSF water purity is available if requested with placement of material order.


Our fPP-R Geomembrane system is complemented by a full line of accessories including Firestone fPP-R Flashing and Firestone fPP-R Welding Rod, making Firestone Canada a convenient, one-stop source of materials for any commercial water feature or critical containment application.

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File Name Size Download
fPP-R ML-A-1 Unexposed Pond Edge with Soil Cover 222 kB
fPP-R ML-A-2 Unexposed Pond Edge with Shotcrete 333 kB
fPP-R ML-A-3 Standard Anchor Trench 318 kB
fPP-R ML-A-4 Standard “V” Shaped Anchor Trench 317 kB
fPP-R ML-A-5 Run-out Anchoring 303 kB
fPP-R ML-A-6 Toe of Slope Anchoring 328 kB
fPP-R ML-A-7 Head Water Anchoring Trench 361 kB
fPP-R ML-C-1 Inside Corner 245 kB
fPP-R ML-C-2 Outside Corner 223 kB
fPP-R ML-D-1 Drain 421 kB
fPP-R ML-D-2 Drain Insert 427 kB
fPP-R ML-LS-1 Cut Edge Treatment Application 26 kB
fPP-R ML-LS-2 Lap Splice with Headlap Under Field Seam Using T-Joint Cover 26 kB
fPP-R ML-P-1 Pre – Fabricated Pipe/Tube Flashing 367 kB
fPP-R ML-P-2 Field Fabricated Pipe/Tube Flashing 397 kB
fPP-R ML-P-3 Field Fabricated Horizontal Pipe Penetration 466 kB
fPP-R ML-R-1 Rip-rap Detail 465 kB
fPP-R ML-R-2 Drop Box Detail 444 kB
fPP-R ML-R-3 Ramp Detail 426 kB
fPP-R ML-S-1 Wedge Welded Seam 118 kB
fPP-R ML-S-2 Extrusion Welded Seam 204 kB
fPP-R ML-S-3 6″ Cover Strip Seam 219 kB
fPP-R ML-T-1 Wall Termination Above Maximum Water Line 41 kB
fPP-R ML-T-2 Outside Pond Wall Termination 568 kB
fPP-R ML-T-3 Term. Step Down & Outside Corner Above Max. Water Line 546 kB
fPP-R ML-T-4 Saw Cut Reglet Couterflashing Termination 410 kB
fPP-R ML-T-5 Surface Mounted Sheet Metal Termination 616 kB
fPP-R ML-T-6 Cap Stone On Wall Termination 338 kB
fPP-R ML-T-7 Intermediate Attachment At Wall 277 kB
fPP-R ML-T-8 Horizontal Mechanical Attachment Below the Water Line 352 kB
fPP-R ML-T-9 Vertical Mechanical Attachment Below the Water Line 338 kB
fPP-R ML-T-10 Miscellaneous Terminations 202 kB
File Name Size Download
Geomembrane Products Installation Quality Assurance Manual – Thermoplastics 108 kB
Hand Welder Operation with Firestone Thermoplastic Geomembranes 56 kB
Single Wedge Welder Operation with Firestone Thermoplastic Geomembranes: an Overview 102 kB
Wedge Welding Suggestions for use with: Firestone fPP, fPP-R and TPO 33 kB
File Name Size Download
Section I- fPP-R Geomembrane Specifiation Guide 99 kB
Section II- fPP-R Geomembrane Installation Guide 81 kB
File Name Size Download
AP Sealant – SDS 642 kB
Civil Grade Geotextile – SDS 29 kB
Firestone fPP & fPP-R – SDS 34 kB
Firestone fPP-R Welding Rod – SDS 34 kB
QuickSeam Cover Strip – SDS 30 kB
QuickSeam Tape Seaming Kit – SDS 36 kB
QuickSeam™ Conduit Flashing – SDS 260 kB
QuickSeam™ Corner Flashing – SDS 260 kB
QuickSeam™ FormFlash Flashing – SDS 260 kB
QuickSeam™ Joint Cover – SDS 260 kB
QuickSeam™ Pipe Flashing – SDS 260 kB
Single-Ply LVOC Primer – SDS 543 kB
UltraPly TPO Bonding Adhesive – SDS 494 kB
UltraPly TPO Cut Edge Sealant Grey – SDS 1 MB
UltraPly TPO Cut Edge Sealant Tan – SDS 246 kB
UltraPly TPO Cut Edge Sealant White – SDS 987 kB
UltraPly TPO General Purpose Sealant – SDS 509 kB
UltraPly TPO Membrane – SDS 119 kB
File Name Size Download
TIS 106 – Firestone Unsupported Polypropylene (fPP) Flashing 147 kB
TIS 107 – Firestone Unsupported Polypropylene (fPP) Geomembrane 123 kB
TIS 108 – TPO Geomembrane 142 kB
TIS 214 – Firestone fPP-R Welding Rod 122 kB
TIS 215 – UltraPly TPO General Purpose Sealant 178 kB
TIS 220 – UltraPly TPO Cut Edge Sealant 208 kB
TIS 302 – Coated Drive Pin Fastener 190 kB
TIS 303 – Concrete Drive Fastener 181 kB
TIS 304 – All-Purpose Fastener 203 kB
TIS 305 – All-Purpose Stainless Steel Fastener 162 kB
TIS 401 – Metal Batten Strip 187 kB
TIS 402 – Coiled Metal Batten Strip 137 kB
TIS 404 – Termination Bar 119 kB
TIS 501 – QuickSeam Cover Strip 171 kB
TIS 503 – QuickSeam FormFlash 84 kB
TIS 504 – QuickSeam Joint Cover 177 kB
TIS 505 – QuickSeam Corner Flashing 110 kB
TIS 506 – QuickSeam Pipe Flashing 126 kB
TIS 507 – QuickScrubber Plus Primer Application System 121 kB
TIS 508 – QuickRoller 202 kB
TIS 511 – QuickScrubber Kit 116 kB
TIS 515 – QuickSeam Conduit Flashing 130 kB
TIS 601 – UltraPly TPO Eco Walkway Pad 110 kB
TIS 602 – UltraPly TPO Inside/Outside Corner 104 kB
TIS 702 – Silicone Rubber Roller 101 kB
File Name Size Download
Blank Sample Geomembrane 20 Year Warranty 151 kB
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