UltraPly™ TPO SA with Secure Bond™ Technology

Roofing as You Know It Is a Thing of the Past


Firestone Building Products Canada is excited to introduce UltraPly™ TPO SA with Secure Bond™ Technology to the Canadian roofing industry. This next-generation, high-performance roofing membrane eliminates the need for primers and adhesives for fully adhered applications along with any related flash-off times. As a result, roofing membranes with Secure Bond Technology can be installed up to five times faster than traditional fully adhered systems.

Installing UltraPly TPO SA with Secure Bond Technology



Features and Benefits


Efficient Installation = Labour Savings

  • Membranes with Secure Bond Technology require no primer, adhesives or heavy equipment for installation.
  • No waiting to flash off at any temperature higher than -7°C.
  • Can install the membrane up to five times faster than conventional fully adhered applications.
Contractor Friendly

  • A simple peel and stick installation.
  • Eliminate need for highly-skilled labour.
  • No heavy and dangerous equipment required.
  • Eliminate risk of fire caused by torches and other dangerous equipment.
Engineered for Canada – UltraPly TPO SA with Secure Bond Technology maintains exceptional adhesiveness during installation in temperatures as low as -7°C and actually provides 20-30% greater adhesiveness in cooler temperatures. Extend the roofing season and work well into the winter.
A Reliable Solution – With a factory applied, pressure sensitive adhesive, and a “peel and stick” installation method, UltraPly TPO SA with Secure Bond Technology decreases the chance of human error during installation when compared to fully adhered or mechanically attached systems.
Made to Stick – Secure Bond™ Technology creates a bond twice as strong* as the nearest self-adhered membrane competitor, while also significantly outperforming liquid LVOC adhesives.
(*Under specific laboratory conditions)
Industry-leading Warranty – Covered by the Firestone Red Shield™ Warranty – The most comprehensive warranty in the industry covers the installation, labour, and materials for the entire roofing system.

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