BIM Glossary

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has established a strong foothold within the design community on new construction as well as building renovation projects. Following is a glossary of key terms that relate to BIM and RoofGenuity, Firestone’s new online roof modeling tool.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

– The integrated process of creating and using digital models and specification database information for design, construction and/or the operation of projects.

3D Model – Intelligent building design that includes length, width and height. For the model to
be intelligent, it must be object-based.

4D Model – A 3D Model that assigns time to objects during the construction process.

5D Model – A 4D Model that includes estimating information that corresponds with objects in
the model.

BIM Objects

– The basic elements that constitute the foundation of BIM modeling, BIM Objects are digital representations of building elements that include physical characteristics including height, width and depth.

Static BIM Objects – Items from inventory including desk chairs, doors and faucets.

Dynamic BIM Objects – Items that conform to the geometry of their context including walls,
stairs, floors and roofs.


– An approach to BIM that enables the user to generate a collection of BIM objects that can be assembled into an appropriate solution in response to a series of key questions.

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